Data Breach Competition

We are proud to announce the inaugural data privacy symposium and competition, we hope this event will engage both students and practitioners in meaningful cooperation, to teach and learn about the importance of data security and the challenges of breach assessment.

Date and Location:  March 30 data privacy symposium and March 31 Data Security Competition, Reception to follow the Competition TBA. Both events to be held at  AU Washington College of Law.

About the Competition: Teams are given a scenario where they are representing company that is undergoing a data security incident, potentially rising to the level of a breach. Their mission is to evaluate the situation, develop recommendations for response, and brief the c-suite and then the board on what the best course of action.

The competition will be held Saturday and broken up into 3 rounds. At the end of each round teams will give a ten-minute presentation to a panel of three judges who will then have ten minutes to question the presenters, and then have ten minutes to provide feedback. As each round progresses, the teams get new artifacts and less time to craft their responses. Teams will be eliminated, either after the first or second round depending on the number of participants,  with the final two teams presenting their briefing to the board on stage in front of the other participants. The winner will be named at the reception following the competition.

Team Composition: 2 to 4 students, open to all disciplines (JD, MBA, and MS candidates), Teams are to elect a team captain that is responsible for providing the registration information located at the link below.

Team Registration: Teams please register here.

Symposium Registration: Registration for the Symposium can be found on the WCL site located here.

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