The Battle to Transfer Personal Data Between the EU and U.S.

By Michael Baker

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (“Charter”) provides Europeans the fundamental right to respect for private and family life; the protection of personal data; the right to have a fair trial; and the right to a legal remedy. These rights are the primary focus in the discussion on how personal data is transferred commercially across the Atlantic. The European Union (“EU”) and the United States (“U.S.”) have worked together for two years to develop a system where companies can transfer personal data from within the EU to servers in the United States. The flow of data between the EU and U.S. is critical for the economic success and political stability of these two Governments. Continue reading “The Battle to Transfer Personal Data Between the EU and U.S.”

ISP Hosts DOJ CCIPS Trial Attorney

ISP will be hosting its first event on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 5pm in Room NT08.

International Collaboration in Cyber Crime Investigations: The Past, Present, & Future

A lecture by: 

Richard Green

US DOJ Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section

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